Sonic the Hedgehog

Todd the Sloth Promo
Paramount Studios / Cartoon Network

To promote the new “Sonic the Hedgehog” movie we collaborated with the creative team at Paramount Studios to create the world of Todd the Sloth. As this spot would be airing on the Cartoon Network, the team thought it would be fun to juxtapose the speed of Sonic alongside a team of slower-moving animals like a sloth, tortoise, and snail. To accomplish this, we created numerous mood boards to clarify the most impactful imaginary and environment for Todd, which ultimately landed us inside a movie theater. We then outfitted Todd, now our director sloth, with various wardrobes and props, and proceeded to create the storyboards. The storyboards, along with a scratch track, became our animatic, which was utilized as a reference throughout pre-production. We leveraged our deep experience working with animals to ensure the unique animal cast delivered on our collective creative vision. Given that our animal friends needed to speak, after capturing their performances, we created moving mouths for each animal using our visual FX pipeline.

Todd the Sloth Hangin at the Movies
Sonic storyboard
sonic sloth
Sonic storyboard 2
sonic turtle
Sonic the Hedgehog

The finished spots made our speed demons shine as they gave us a look at Sonic’s new movie.


Client: Cartoon Network, Paramount Studios
Creative Director: Steve Millunzi
Production & Post: Evolution
Director: Mark Shockley
Editorial and Design:
Jeremy Poindexter

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