Planet of the Apes

Queue Video
Resorts World Genting

Resorts World Genting creates immersive destinations and theme park attractions all around the world. One of its newest rides, “Planet of the Apes” opened its doors in Malaysia in 2022. Evolution was excited when we were approached by Pure Imagination Studios and tasked with the responsibility of producing the queue video. We knew the fanbase was hardcore—our set build, wardrobe, and props needed to be spot-on. Our goal was to capture the look of the film, so we started by studying the picture and matching the aesthetic, then building a detailed post-apocalyptic set in which we matched the movie down to the smallest detail.

Genting Resorts World Planet of the Apes
On set Planet of the Apes
set design planet of the apes

We knew the fan base was hardcore—our set build, wardrobe and props needed to be spot-on.


Client: 20th Century Studios
Agency: Pure Imagination Studios
Production: Evolution
Director: Dave Coleman
Producer: Mark Shockley

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