Aviation Gin

Evil Twin Promo

To help launch Ryan Reynolds’ Aviation Gin, we worked with George Dewey, former head of digital content at 20th Century Fox and Co-Founder of Maximum Effort. They had an amazing vision for a commercial: who better to interview Ryan than his arch nemesis, himself? We had to find the perfect location in NYC, and the amazing penthouse suite of the Chelsea Hotel fit the needs of the creative exactly. The creative was simple in concept—but challenging in execution—as we needed to be able to quickly shoot and review takes of the “two” Ryans as the shoot was occurring. We assembled the perfect team and set the stage for Ryan to work his magic.

Ryan Reynolds Aviation Gin
Aviation Gin Ryan Reynolds
Aviation Gin set Gramercy Park Hotel
Gramercy Park Hotel Location Aviation Gin

The end result brought Ryan’s personality to the brand and led to a $610 million dollar sale to Diageo.


Aviation Gin

Agency: Maximum Effort
Production: Evolution
Post Production: Maximum Effort
Director: George Dewey
Producer: Val Neminov

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